Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monday's gonna be a busy day

I am just copying this from Trena's email - some of you may have already read this.

First of all, a clarification. Eli is still on the transplant list. He is just not a candidate for a live donor (i.e. adult) because of his size/age. If a baby liver came available that was a match, he would likely go to surgery.

Early today, the IV that was surgically inserted into a big vein inside his chest (Hickman) fell out. They were able to get an IV inserted into his ankle area, but he is scheduled to go into the operating room tomorrow to have that replaced. As long as he is undergoing anesthesia, they are going to do another liver biopsy to verify if the results of the first biopsy and to see if any change has occured.. Pray for safety during the procedures and that God would reveal his power (in His will) by having the biopsy show signs of living cells.

Cathy said they have had some ups and downs as far as the information they get from their specialists. Just 2 days ago, the liver specialist (gastroenterologist) told them that a liver test result had returned and was indicating to her that there may be some regeneration. However, today, the surgeon and gastroenterologist said that because his blood sugar levels are so erratic, that is an indication the liver just isn't doing it's job and he for sure needs a transplant. So, K&C are trying to avoid the emotional highs and lows and are just emotionally planning on a transplant. I know they are still praying for healing and that is what we all can do as well. He still 'looks good" and is acting like himself. Cat said that Eli's situation is quite rare and so this team of physicians hasn't really seen this aged child in this situation very often. Continue to pray for the physicians and nurses as well as the rest of the healthcare team.

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