Monday, January 25, 2010

Liver Donor

We have been talking with all of the doctors about Eli's almost certain liver transplant. They are looking for a full small baby's liver to use, which would be the best situation. However, there is a possibility that there may not be enough time to wait for the perfect liver to come. In that case we would have to find an adult donor. They are looking for "O" blood type and someone who is less than 110lbs. They think there is a good chance that the transplant would take place within a week. Keep us in your prayers.


  1. you are continually in my thoughts and prayers...praying for the dr, nurses, all of your family, receiving a liver and of coarse your precious Eli. God's strength is sufficient. His grace, love and comfort never fails or ends. and He will never leave you or forsake you. love you!

  2. I am still praying from across the hall. Please pray for us as well if you think of it. Our daughter was just diagnosed with brain cancer this morning.