Wednesday, February 10, 2010

new update

Praying Friends, I talked with Kip for awhile today. Since Saturday there haven't been many wide swings in E's status. They were not able to continue with 24-hour/day dialysis and he has returned to daily 4-hour treatments. Please continue to pray that his kidneys' function would return.

He remains on medicine to maintain his blood pressure (Epinephrine). There have been some highs and lows here. Pray that his blood pressure status would become stable without needing medicine. This would be an improvement.

The surgeon pointed out a non-major infection in his abdominal incision. Pray that it would clear. His blood clotting values were more vulnerable today for awhile which caused some bleeding. This may, perhaps, continue until his liver heals. The biopsy results of Saturday have not been reported to them yet.

K&C are sleeping okay. Praise God for this! Kip's parents went back to Wadena on Sunday and will return this weekend. Kip said he hopes to begin working from Minneapolis soon. Pray for God's continued provision for their finances during this tremendous journey they are on. Praise God for the many gifts they have already received from those who love them.

I asked Kip about visitors as well as correspondence. He said they don't mind visitors, but they don't question people not coming either. He said he, personally, really enjoys snail mail, but also reads and appreciates all electronic updates. Since there weren't a lot of significant changes, I wondered whether I should send an update. However, I chose to send this because we who are close to K&C are all, I think, kind of daily (metaphorically) sitting on the edge of our seats wondering E's status. Knowing God is Sovereign, Trena

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