Sunday, November 21, 2010

Remembering Eli

Happy Birthday Eli. We love you, we miss you, and we look forward to the day when we can be together again.

What about Heaven? part of a book by Kathleen Long Bostrom

Though heaven’s a place

that you can’t see from here,

It says in the Bible

that heaven is near.

It always is daytime-

there never is night.

The light of God’s love

will be shining so bright.

But here’s something different,

and this is no trick:

In heaven nobody

will ever get sick!

Our hurts will be healed,

and the deaf will all hear,

the blind will see clearly,

there’s nothing to fear!

Though time has no ending,

you’ll never get bored;

For thousands of years

seem like days to the Lord.

All of God’s children,

the young and the old,

Will gather together

on streets made of gold.

And then there will be

such a grand celebration

When heaven and earth

have become one creation!

Life will be perfect,

for heaven’s the place

We’ll see God, the Father

and Son, face-to-face.

For God will be there,

everywhere that you are;

And Jesus will shine

like a bright morning star.

Heaven is wonderful,

don’t you agree?

It’s simply the best place

we ever could be!


  1. Praying for you as you are missing this special little guy today on his first birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday in heaven, Eli!!!

    I'm still thinking about you both and praying. Have a nice Thanksgiving.

  3. You don't know me... but I found your blog a while ago... I was thinking about you today randomly... and I prayed for you. I'm praying that God gives you lots of peace on these very hard days.

  4. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you bless your souls.

  5. The part you picked from Kathleen Long Bostrom's book is brilliant.

    man and van London

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